Sustainable Business

The TOBACCO Theater has been investing in sustainability since the opening in 2010.
This has resulted in some nice collaborations:

‘The Good Roll’ – Toiletpaper that builds toilets

Just sit down for this! Because even in our smallest rooms we think about sustainability. 270,000 trees are cut down to produce toilet paper on a daily basis. The Good Roll toilet paper is made from 100% recycled paper, so 100% tree-friendly! 50% of the net profit is invested in the construction of toilets in various countries in Africa. Because there are 2.3 billion people worldwide (this is 32% of the world’s population) who do not have access to clean toilets. In addition to sustainable toilet paper, The Good Roll also invests in a social goal. For example, they have created jobs for over 50 people with a distance to the labor market. That’s how they roll, and we love to roll with them!

Special bears of brewery De Prael

In addition to working with green initiatives, we are also proud to do business with local, social companies. One of these Amsterdam based initiatives is brewery De Prael. In social, cultural and social terms, the brewery contributes to a better Amsterdam by working with people with a distance to the labor market. In this way, the company combines the passions for beer and psychiatry of co-founder Fer Kok into a number of beautiful products. Come and taste them in our theater!

Té de Origen

Your cup of tea in our theater is also of fair trade origin. Té de Origen gets its tea from the number 1 tea country in the world: Sri Lanka. Unique to this brand is that all production, from cultivation to packaging, takes place in Sri Lanka. In this way they preserve as much quality as possible, the farmers are proud of their product and as much revenue as possible is left behind in the country. With tasteful and fair trade tea as a result!

Cartridges for 'Stichting AAP'

AAP Foundation gives monkeys and other mammals a future by taking care of animals in need and advocating for better laws in Europe. The primates of the TOBACCO Theater are happy to contribute to this by handing in our empty ink cartridges to the foundation. With the money they collect with this, the organization can cut part of the daily costs.

Click here for more information and to help AAP too!

Catunambú Coffee

High-quality, traditionally brewed and above all sustainable coffee! Catunambú not only supplies great quality coffee, but also strives to ensure that the coffee beans they work with are of fair and sustainable origin. For example, all their plantations are certified and support various Café Mundi initiatives, a company created to improve the education and living conditions of the local coffee farmers. Catunambú also promotes a healthy and balanced lifestyle. They sponsor numerous local youth football teams in Andalusia and regularly organize the ‘Catunambú Cup’.

Member of the Fairtrade manicipality

The TOBACCO Theater works together with the Fairtrade municipality on more fair trade. Fairtrade Municipality’s campaign aims to increase the supply and demand for fair trade products in the municipality of Amsterdam, among other things, in order to enable farmers and producers in developing countries to work for a bright future for themselves. We like to contribute to this in the theater.

Watch the interview with our D’Erikteur Erik van Wilsum about Fairtrade and fair business here: