We are convinced that 1,5-meter events only work if they are used correctly. In our opinion the correct way is to combine this with livestreaming. You have never reached a larger audience before. It goes without saying that all safety conditions are met by more than 150%.

What does it look like?

The advantage of our Grand Theater Hall is the large surface, which allows the combination of livestream and physical presence of the guests. In addition, our second studio (called The Studio) is also possible to use with a sleek white arrangement. We have created various options and setups especially for you.


Fully equipped livestream studios

We have been a popular livestream studio location for international company for years. Our state of the art AV and possibility to have physical audience makes us the perfect location for your hybrid event. Our Theatre Hall can host 30 people safely with 1,5 meter distance.

Fully Equipped


We received an average rating of 9,4 out of 10 for our organization last year. Our 12-year close cooperation with the technical top within the AV sector has brought us three livestream studios, which have no equal in Amsterdam. Startle your fears and dare to book the best of the best.

State of the Art

Enjoy our excellent kitchen

TOBACCO Theater has in addition to a spacious Theater Hall, where dozens of people can take place in the 1,5-meter setup, a very spacious catering kitchen. The culinary team is led by ‘chef de cuisine’ Dennis Huwaë (nominated for The Best Chef Awards 2020). Satisfied guests guaranteed!


Superbe keuken


Presenter, Guest Speaker, Chairman

You don’t do it or… you do it right!
If you opt for a meeting with a 1,5-meter setup, choose a host with experience or a well-known name who will draw extra viewers to your meeting. That’s how it works, also in the world of 1,5-meter meetings and also with a possible livestream. Our preferred supplier, Quality Bookings, is the number one booking agency in (inter)national speakers.

Presentator livestream events


As a theater we can advise you like no other when it comes to entertainment for your event. Years of experience and an outstanding network is what we offer. This can range from a theatrical reception at our theater doors to a spectacular act that takes place from the air during the switch of speakers.



Number of viewers: no limit

Livestream Studios Amsterdam has the fastest fiber optic network up to 200Mbit down-upload fiber speed. There are no limits to the number of viewers who wish to visit your 1,5-meter meeting, broadcast or hybrid event. Crystal clear without interference is what we supply, nothing less!


Viewers no limit


Studio 1-1

“Very successful 1,5-meter event”

The Tobacco Theater organized a very successful 1,5-meter event for us. It was a last minute request, but they thought along and were very flexible. They also took very good account of all COVID19-measures and the dinner was tasteful. We’ll be back for sure!

June 08, 2020 – A. Breeschoten