The Red & Black Danger

The Red & Black Danger is the beating heart in the catacombs of the TOBACCO Theater. It is thumping and pumping with passion and love! An artistic space, designed by wall artist Paul Janssen. It is the natural connection between The Grand Theatre Hall and the Wine Cellars.

In The Black Danger, the African wooden mask by Frajurikka strictly ensures that you will lack nothing.

View the impressions of The Red & Black Danger here or view the different options per setup in the menu below. Another interpretation is also possible. We would like to be surprised by you!


1,5 meter

Maximum of 10 guests

Party / Reception / Walking Dinner

Maximum of 40 guests





Theater Set-up

Maximum of 20 guests Theateropstelling





Maximum of 24 guests Diner opstelling





Maximum of 10 guests